Consistent Small Actions lead to Massive Results.

Many people feel helpless, and think they do not have the power, to make their own dreams come true. Even the smallest acts can trigger hundreds, or even thousands of chain reactions, and therefore influence, or fundamentally change our own future, or the future of others. How diverse, and plentiful these consequences may be in retrospect, can be seen if you ask yourself questions such as, "What would have happened if?", for example, we look back at the history of mankind. Through observing nature, our ancestors in the Stone Age evidently discovered, how to make fire? or that wild plants can be domesticated in order to increase food security, which had consequences for the whole of humanity, something our primitive ancestors, probably could not have imagined even in their wildest fantasies. Would the story have been different, if the steam engine had not begun its triumphal march, in the 18th century? but in ancient Egypt? In fact, there is some evidence to suggest that the Egyptian engineers, and mathematicians, had discovered the operating principle of a steam engine, but just did not know how to use it. Could the Industrial Revolution really have begun 2000 years earlier?

Of course, when we look at the past, we cannot change anything, and no one can say with any certainty, what would have happened if things had been different. But this view of the past helps us understand, what huge potential there is in small changes, inventions, and especially actions. Although we cannot change the past, the future is still unwritten, and a man who topples just one domino in his life, can expect to move mountains. As elsewhere, the butterfly effect is evident once again, because even the smallest of actions can sometimes have major consequences. In an atomic bomb, the initial trigger in comparison to the actual explosion is minimal. Even within the atomic bomb, a real chain reaction occurs that eventually leads to the nuclear explosion. Thus, this small initial trigger ensures devastating consequences. Often, only the direct damage of a nuclear explosion is seen as a consequence, but the area is contaminated for thousands of years, humans and animals fall ill, land is depopulated, politics change, and the explosion has effects on the economy, and culture of the country concerned, all because of a small initial spark that triggered a domino effect. A similar chain reaction can also be observed in electricity generation, one of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. During fission, an atom is split into several smaller particles.

The released neutrons contribute to the splitting of other atoms, which in turn release neutrons. The process is repeated countless times, although only a single atom was split at the beginning. In a steam locomotive, a similar chain reaction is deployed, which acts as the starting point for the butterfly effect. When carbon is added to the boiler, water is heated. This produces vapor, which in turn drives the piston, and hence the engine under high pressure. The consequences of shoveling coal therefore is that goods, and passengers can be transported from A to B, reaching people in time to do their jobs to feed their families, so that the station retailers can make profit, companies can export their products and much more, all because a small piece of coal was compressed and thrown into the boiler of a steam locomotive.

A chain reaction can turn into a snowball effect in some cases. In this case, the effect increases with each subsequent action, or reaction. Thus, mighty hills can form from the tiniest speck of dust. People who deal with social media are especially aware of the so-called viral effect. An interesting single picture, or a video that you have just sent to your friend can be viewed several times more on the Internet the next day, as it is distributed to a wider network of viewers, reaching a vast audience within a short time, and perhaps even conventional print media follows the trend, and publishes the picture.

Another effect, which is clearly related to the butterfly effect, is the ripple effect. Throwing a stone into water produces waves, or ripples which spread out in all directions. It is impossible to throw a stone, or any object into water without producing this effect. The ripples spread to the shore, go out again from the shore, or overlap with other waves. But there is an infinite process, even if the waves may eventually no longer appear visible to the eye or seem to disappear within the other wave motions on the surface of the water.

By all this, what I am trying to show you is the importance of small, and consistent actions, when it comes to success. These small actions have very huge potential and can change your life completely. So just keep working, and eventually you will reach your destination.

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