Why you should you find yourself a Coach?

When we think of the Australian Open or Wimbledon, whether it is Rafael Nadal, or Serena Williams, or Roger Federer, somewhere at courtside, or in the stands, sits the trainer, offering all kinds of guidance, and support which can help to win the match, and produce a player of world class. While reading a book, I learned that coaching came into sports, as a very American idea. In 1875, Harvard and Yale played one of the very first, American-rules football games. Yale hired a head coach, Harvard did not. The results? Over the next three decades, Harvard won just four times.

The job of a coach is to provide a little help, giving the player that edge which means crossing the fine line between success and failure. Trainers, even when they are not called such, can be found everywhere, in art, in business or in engineering. In all these disciplines, the trainer gives instructions that enable his student to take the vital steps to cross this line. For dream development and the realization of a dream, those steps are crucial! If I tell someone that he should go to the first floor, but I do not show him where the stairs are, there is no way for him to get there. However, if I tell him where the stairs are, then it's very easy. It is the same with dreams. He who does not know the right steps cannot realize his dream. There are many dreamers who dream to themselves.

Often, only small hints are necessary in order to realize, how much energy there is in each of us, and to use our gift of transforming thoughts into reality, just as the legendary King Midas once turned everything that he touched into gold. Dreamers are loners and think they can do it all on their own. They do not think that even stars such as Roger Federer have coaches and also replace these trainers from time to time. Dreamers must look for a coach. When talking about dream resources, many think of money, contacts, or premises, but no one thinks to look for a coach! In my professional and personal life, I have achieved much. All of it started with a dream. It is a fact that everyone can do it!

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