The Butterfly Effect on Dreams.

Dreams hold mysterious but very powerful dynamics and forces. For decades the theory of the butterfly effect has existed in science. This states that the flapping butterfly's wings in Japan are enough to trigger a hurricane on the other side of the world in South America. 

This theory, which is supported by many scientists, not only shows that everything in our world is connected but above all, that every little cause has a huge (and infinite!) effect. ​​ Anyone who follows his dreams, even if he or she starts out with small steps or small changes in his or her life, will be surprised to see the positive results this may have for or her in the future!  The butterfly effect is probably one of the most important truths by which our world works. This may begin to sound repetitive, but this principle really is found in every situation in our lives. Once you understand that the butterfly effect exists everywhere, you can use this knowledge to achieve your goals. The butterfly effect is not just present in weather phenomena. If you look closely, this principle exists in every situation and in every process in our world.

  • A newborn child may have hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even billions of descendants.

  • A single sneeze in an airplane can infect all the other passengers and make them sick.

  • A single disease bacterium can be the trigger for a pandemic in an entire city or region (or the whole world: bird flu, foot, and mouth disease...)

  • The spread of AIDS works on the same principle. A single infected person, who has sexual contact with just a few people, may infect half a town. Of course, it would not be easy to trace this epidemic back to this person, because the connection between him and the other infected people is lost with distance and the passing of time.

  • A small movement with your foot on the brake pedal slows down a car from 100 km/h to 0.

  • Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine a mere 100 years, ago yet this now supplies whole sectors of industry, drives the development of diesel-powered transport and modern shipping of freight, and supports globalization.

  • A half a centimeter change on the wheel of a 500-meter long ship moves the huge, skyscraper-high rudder at the rear, and thus the whole tanker changes course and may arrive in Rio instead of New York.

  • If I write an article and I press the mouse button to publish this article on the internet, in theory, the majority of mankind has access to it. No one can tell who reads the article or what impact this will have on him, others, or society as a whole. 

  • At the flick of a single light switch, hundreds or thousands of lamps can be turned on and off in a factory, the workers can work under good lighting, the products of the factory are of high quality and therefore sell well and the electric company makes money.

  • With voice-activated systems, one only needs to speak, to turn the light or other on or off.

  • A farmer named Hargassner in my neighborhood in Upper Austria developed a small modification for pellet stoves and started to sell them on his own farm. Today there is a factory assembly line, several hundred meters long, in which the furnaces produced in series.

  • The then-unemployed J.K. Rowling had originally intended to write a story for her children. However, her writing attracted far more attention than she expected and is now known around the world under books, movies and merchandise followed., fan clubs were founded and countless authors were encouraged to similar stories.

  • The modern civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, refused in 1955 to give up her seat on the bus for a white man. With this seemingly insignificant decision, she sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott organized by Martin Luther King and numerous protest movements and subsequent legal proceedings, which eventually led to end of racial discrimination in the United States.

  • In the first half of the 20th century, Mahatma Gandhi organized a variety of non-violent protest actions against the British colonial power, thus promoting the independence movement and finally bringing about the independence of India, the largest democracy in the world today.

A real sense of the power of the butterfly effect can often be obtained only if you seriously think about where the butterfly effect has already occurred in your own life story. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself the following question.

Where has the butterfly effect already occurred in my life story?

In other words,  which seemingly trivial actions or deeds on my part had major consequences for me and changed my life or my environment as a result?

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